Planning a Disney Vacation?

Imagine two families departing for Disney World.

Both families attended the same shows and events, and ate at the same restaurants. Both families spend the same amount of time at Disney World, and even return home on the same flight.

But there's a difference…. a big difference.

One family spent $5,500 for their Disney World vacation. The other spent just $2,700.

How is this possible?  

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My Best Disney Vacation Memories

When I was young, I and my sister were taken to Disney World Park yearly. I still remember our first trip to Disney. During our visit, we ensured that we visited every place in Disney and it was amazing.

When I got marred, I and my husband went to Disney world during our honey moon. This is where my most special memory is surprised by flowers and glass slipper as we watched the magic kingdom fireworks.

More Disney Memories

Fun Facts

  • Disney world has approximately 55,000 items in there collection

  • The Walt Disney World resort is about the size of San Francisco,
  • Mickey has more than 290 outfits, from a scuba suit to a lighted tuxedo
  • If you were to stay in a different room every night at the Disney World resorts, to sleep in them all would take you 68 years

  • Disney World employs more than 62,000, making Walt Disney World the largest single-site employer in the United States.

  • Planning a Disney World Vacation?   We have some good tips for you!  Check it out...

Quick Tips to Save Money

- Time your Trip – Go During Low Season

- Where to Find the Best Disney Promotions

- Determine how much you will spend up front - ie souvenirs, etc.

- Before you leave for Disney World ensure that you do thorough research.  This guide can save you hundreds (or thousands!)

- Airfare can be quite expensive - if you neglect to look for the most reasonable rates.

- Value resorts offer excellent prices...        Learn More...

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